• Early Bird is $75 (Jan. 1st-31st)
  • $80 - Standard Registration Price (starting Feb. 1st)
  • $73 - Bring Your Kids Price: Only available for each additional registrant that you claim as a dependent for tax purposes.


There are two adult sessions per time slot. Please read the descriptions and select either A or B for each session slot. For teen sessions, there is only one option. Select C for teen sessions on the registration page. 

Session 1

A. Love Your Husband - Nancy Churchill
B. Be Self-Controlled - Rhonda Hawk
C. Teens: How Beautiful the Feet that Spread the Gospel - Lindsey Dobbs

Session 2

A. Love Your Children - Nancy Churchill
B. Be Pure - Catalina Botero
C. Teens: Influencing My Peers - Briley Roy and Lauren Welborn

Session 3

A. Be Submissive to Your Own Husband - Nancy Churchill
B. Be Kind - Beth Erickson
C. Teens: Outward Beauty - Nichole Dwyer

Session 4

A/B. Idea Exchange: From Theory to Application - Variety
C. Teens: Beautiful Eyes and Ears - Teresa Harris


Q: Why is PayPal no longer an option for payment?
Due to new regulations, our PayPal account is no longer authorized to accept payments from friends and family. As we are striving to conduct our business in the world with honesty and integrity, there are many considerations we must make before we can offer an online payment option again. We hope to have something available in future years, but at this time we are only accepting payment by cash or check.

Q: May I bring a child with me?
We welcome babies under 1 year of age.  No additional fee.

Q: Is there a reduced rate for eating or staying off-site?
A: No.  Camp Tecumseh charges a flat fee per person regardless of where she sleeps or eats. The fee covers our building rentals, Tecumseh staff, and meals.

Q: What are the accommodations like?
A: You may go to to see picture of the campgrounds. Each cabin can sleep 15 ladies and has an attached restroom. The cabins have carpet and are heated, and are within walking distance to the other buildings we will be utilizing. Each bunk has a thin plastic mattress but you will need to provide all bedding and towels. There is a picnic table in each cabin as well.

Q: Why do you schedule the Getaway so early in the year?
A: This is the only weekend available at Camp Tecumseh.

Q: Who qualifies for the dependent discount rate?
A: This rate is available for daughters living at home with their parents as well as elderly mothers living with their daughters.

Q: When does the Getaway officially begin and end?
A: Registration begins Friday at 4:30 PM and sessions end Saturday at 3:30 PM Eastern Time.